European Churches

European INC Churches and Other Countries overseen by INC Europe

European Office: Ashley & Ruth Schmierer (President)

Office Address: North Street, Portslade, Brighton, East Sussex BN41 1DG UK
Phone: 01273 433 422 Fax: 01273 433 423
Email: coceurope [@] Web:

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Plovdiv: Bojidar & Antoaneta Simeonov (Pastors)

Church Address: 14 Acad. Petar Dinekov Str., Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Postal Address: EPC “Svetlina Na Sveta” PO Box 83, Plovdiv, 4004, Bulgaria
Phone: +359-32-393960 Email: info [@]

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Hobro: Claus & LinetteHermamsen  (Pastors)

Church/Postal Address: Kløvermarksvej 2, DK-9500 Hobro, Denmark

Phone: +45-2048 5616  Email: claus[@]

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Dunkerque: Michel & Lydie Granger (Pastors)

Church Address: Centre Chretien COC, 76, Rue Arago, 59240 Dunkerque, France
Church Times: 9:30am every Sunday & 5:00pm celebration on the last Sunday of each month.
Phone: +33-328-204828 Fax: +33-328-690235 Email: cocfrance [@]

Bethune (annexed to Dunkerque): Jonathan & Sandrine Civel (Assistant Pastors)

Email: cityfamily [@]

Lille: Silvain & Sandrine Biville (Pastors)

Church Address: 328 Rue Jules Guesde ( dans la cour ) , 59650, Villeneuve D’Ascq
Church Times:
Please call or visit our website
Phone: +33-0609-795186 Email: silvain.biville [@] Web:

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Hogni Valsson & Lilja Astvaldsdottir (Pastors)

Church Address: Smiðjuvegur 5 Kópavogur, P.O. Box 9227 IS-129 Reykjavík, Iceland
Phone: +354 564-2355, Fax: +354 564-2351 Email: hogni [@] Web:

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Randeep & Anu Matthews (Pastors)

Email: boc777 [@]

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Malta: National Office Ps Fred & Mary Bartolo

Email: fredbartpastor [@]

Malta: Bread of Life Fellowship COC: Dave & Luiza Nappa (Pastors)

Church Address: Bread of Life Fellowship, Misraħ il-Barrieri Road, c/w Regional Road, St’ Venera. SVR 9025 – Malta.
Church Times: Saturdays: 7.00pm
Office Address: Misraħ il-Barrieri Road, c/w Regional Road, St’ Venera. SVR 9025 – Malta.
Phone: +356 27889251 Email: davidnappa [@] Web:

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Novi Sad: Boris & Jelena Štrbac (Pastors)

Church Address: Ledinacka 11, Novi Sad, 21000, Serbia
Church Times: Thursday 18:00 and Sunday 18:00
Email: boris.strbac78 [@]

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Ljubljana: Klemen & Carol Vidic (Pastors)

Church Address: Krscanski Center Ljubljana , Ob Zeleznici 18.
Church Times: coming soon…
Phone: +386-(0) 41 842 800 Email: verujem [@]

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C.O.C. Kiev: Volodya and Nina Kerasidi (Pastors)

Church Address: 41 Marganetskaya St, Kiev 02092.
Meeting times:
10:30am Sunday

C.O.C. Kamyanets Podolsky: Alexander and Lubov Vershigora (Pastors)

Postal Address: P.O.Box 115, Kamyanets-Podolsky, the Ukraine 32300
Church Address and Meeting Times:
 Neginskoye shosse 51a. Sundays 11am.
 +380 677 679 618 Email: pastor_alex_v [@]

C.O.C. Dneprodzerzhinsk: Anatoli and Valentina Filipchuk (Pastors)

Postal Address: Vasilieva st 38, Dneprodzerzhinsk, the Ukraine 51931
Church Address and Meeting Times:
 School of Arts, Boyko st 20. Church times: Saturday 3pm.
Phone: +380 679 677 636

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    Is it possible to open a branch your church in kenya when requested

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