Global Compassion

Global Compassion is the humanitarian arm of the Chrosytian Outreach Centre in Europe and the Middle East.

Global Compassion was founded in 1997 by a group of people who passionately wanted to make a difference to the lives of the most needy, vulnerable and disadvantaged of our world. Over the last ten years, Global Compassion has undertaken a wide variety of projects which have made a huge difference to the quality of life of those benefiting from them.

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  • 1997-2001 – Former Soviet States: Global Compassion in co-operation with its partners procured and distributed truckloads of food to the elderly, many of whom were living on a pension of less than £10 per month..
  • 1997 to 2000 – Ukraine: Global Compassion provided intensive training programmes for thousands of community leaders and workers in 26 regions of the Ukraine.
  • 1999 – Vinnitsa, Ukraine: Global Compassion provided hundreds of much needed fireman’s uniforms which were donated by British Fire Brigades.
  • 1999 – Kosovo: Global Compassion, together with its partners, worked to alleviate the suffering of many war widows and their children by providing livestock and seeds for crops in the hope of offering them a sustainable future. 2004 – Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India: In the aftermath of the Tsunami, Global Compassion mobilized a team of volunteers to travel to affected areas in regions of India to provide disaster relief for those who had lost everything
  • 2008 – Cyclone Nargis, Myanmar (Burma): Global Compassion was able to work with a partner organisation to provide food, safe drinking water, shelter, medical support and basic living necessities to those affected by the cyclone in this very politically sensitive region


Today, Global Compassion is constantly assessing the needs of the most vulnerable and with its teams of specialists and volunteers is able to rapidly respond to humanitarian need caused by natural and man made disasters.

To find out more, donate or get involved go to the Global Compassion website and get in touch.

6 thoughts on “Global Compassion

  1. pls let us link to help empower less fortunate girls and boys in rwanda through victorious international church

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  3. Dear Brother Pastor

    Praise the Lord who is risen from the bed.
    I am Rev. Nadeem Mukhtar. I am the founder and Chairman of Christ and Apostles Church Pakistan-CACP.

    God does wonders in my Life and is marvelous who revealed to me your website. I am very glad to do Jesus Mission in fact your mission in many years back. We do need to spread the faith. We as the minister of God we go to different areas spreading the Good News by taking to Non – Christian people.

    It is very hard to carry out in many country but it is possible before God.
    I do need your kind guidance and valuable supportive vision to work in vineyard.

    I hope as Paul was guiding to Timothy and Titus. You will also help me to ground in my spiritual services.

    My well wishes to all the People , who devoted to serves in your ministry.

    With a Joyful sincere and self surrenderd heart.
    Pastor Nadeem Mukhtar
    Christ And Apsotles Church Pakistan
    P.O.Box. 5001
    Model Town Lahore

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